Vanoc permits Sikhs to wear kirpans at 2010 Winter Games venues

VANCOUVER (October 15, 2009) – To ease access to 2010 VancouverOlympic and Paralympic Games events for those adhering to Sikh religious tenets, the Vancouver 2010 Integrated Security Unit (V2010 ISU) has developedguidelines that enable the wearing of the kirpan as an article of faith for initiatedor Amritdhari Sikhs.

The new guidelines were developed in consultation with representatives of theSikh community to ensure those who carry the kirpan as part of their religious practice are able to attend Olympic and Paralympic events. Read more »

Respect diversity, accept the kirpans

Calgary Herald

What is all the fuss about kirpans? And why did they suddenly become an issue at Gurdas Maan's concert at the Telus Convention Centre when they've never been an issue at public venues in Calgary before? Read more »

Sikhs want apology from convention centre over kirpan issue

Calgary Sun

The World Sikh Organization of Canada is calling on Calgary Telus Convention Centre management to apologize for shutting down a concert after some ticket holders refused to remove their ceremonial daggers.

Jasbeer Singh, spokesman for the World Sikh Organization of Canada, yesterday said he's furious about the decision because the Supreme Court of Canada has already ruled that banning kirpans infringes on Charter guarantees of religious freedom. Read more »

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